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Our products speak for themseleves, they don't actually talk but our customers do. See what they have to say, these are Nature's Edge Ostrich Oil Reviews & Testimonials

Vallee P. Canada

I received my order 3 days ago and have used the ostrich oil and lotion continuously. I have a very stubborn and persistant case of excema on my palms. Prescriptions and home remedies were helping for 2-3 days, then the severe itching, cracking and bleeding were back. My sister told me to try ostrich oil which I did. I oil my hands, let them soak it in for awhile, then add more oil, glaxall base, and polysporin and rub it to a white paste, put on bamboo gloves and 3 days later hands are 50% healed. Even had my first shower in months without having to wear rubber gloves. I used all ostrich oil products.... no burning or itching... it was wonderful. Can't believe how good my hair and body feels. Thanks people..."

Clarisse S Sioux City, IA

I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. I purchased some pure ostrich oil at one of our local Hy-Vee stores because I have such a time with dry skin in the winter. It worked wonders for me, but the real story is the wonderful way it cleared up my cocker spaniel's severe skin problem the vet had not been able to do.

This beautiful dog has been plagued all her life with a skin condition where she has pimple-like sores that erupt and the contents poison the surrounding skin causing big sores. Nothing helped and last winter her back felt like cottage cheese. I decided to put some ostrich oil that I had left onto her back. I saw immediate results. I ordered more. My continued applications cleared up her back and her belly. The groomer says she has never seen her skin and coat look so good. The dog cannot get sick licking, as dogs will, the ostrich oil as she might from something full of chemicals.

It only took a few drops of oil rubbed on my hands and into her coat each night to perform this miracle. Her vet was very impressed with the results. You can see from the picture what a beautiful dog Gumdrop is. For the first time in her life she is comfortable in her own skin. Your pure ostrich oil works for animals as well as humans.

Matt F. Sioux City, IA

I have Multiple Sclerosis and have to give myself daily injections. I use your lotion regularly on my injection sites and it really helps with needle fatigue.

Linda L. San Tan Valley, AZ

I asked if i could try your products at the Ostrich festival in Chandler Arizona.I bought 3 bottles.I have rozacia so bad.You can barely tell I have it now. Thank you . Love your products. Linda L.


My grandson who is four was diagnosed with eczema. We started using the oil and lotion one week ago. I can't believe the improvement. No redness amd you can barely see or feel where the eczema is. Thank you for a wonderful product.


I purchased the morning sunshine shampoo and the matching conditioner at your Health expo booth this weekend and I LOVE it! I have only used it once but the SMELL!!! and the body of my hair!!! it looks like I let it air dry but I blew it dry like usual; it\'s just that soft and shiny! Thank you so much! You are my go-to shampoo and conditioner brand now and I am spreading the word!!!

Sharen H. Lincoln, NE

I received my order today I tried the hand lotion and lip balm I love both of them. The lotion is silky and not sticky or greasy. Thank you

Melissa K. Sioux City, IA

Your ostrich oils brings my Eczema irritations so much relief, Thanks!

Kathy H. Oakland, NE

I bought a bottle of Jasmie, this stuff is simply amazing.

Joan B

This is amazing stuff. Over night repair. I just love it.

Kathy R.

We tried the solid Gold & The Nature's Heat and had improvement within one day.

Denise R.

This is the best product I've ever used for dry skin and doesn't feel greasy.

Sharon J.

I love the shampoo & conditioner, I use semi permanent hair color normally - but haven't colored in months and the gray hairs are disappearing! The super concentrated shampoo lasts a long time.

Gerolyn W. Columbus, NE

Within a matter of hours of trying the ostrich oil, my rash had started to heal and within days, it was almost completely gone. It has helped tremendously! Wow!

Brad L. Kansas City, MO

Since I am middle aged and have developed eczema on my legs, this Ostrich Oil seems to be the best product to help heal and control the itching.

Since I started using your Body Wash I no longer have to worry about heat rashes, Thanks

Kent C. Central City, NE

I have been doctoring for a rash on my leg for 2 1/2 years.....the prescription medications they prescribed did not treat the rash at all....a friend gave me a bottle of ostirch oil and told me to try it....After 3 days the rash was almost gone and after one week it was. Thank You

Mike H. Nebraska

I've been battling a serious case of eczema for months. I tried everything under the sun to control the condition. My skin was red, itchy and blisters were developing. I purchased and used pure ostrich oil and some hand lotion produced by Nature's Edge. The change in skin condition has been amazing -- the itch is pretty much gone; the redness is noticably less dense; the spread of the redness has been stopped and is receding -- and all of this happened over a period of about one week. These Nature's Edge products are incredible, and I'd highly recommend them to others....

Brian F. Denison, IA

I was so amazed with you're Nature's Heat product. I have nerve damage in my elbow and minutes after putting your product on I felt relief. I also used it before bed and had one of the best night sleeps ever.

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